Klauser: GM is Ready for Readability from ACO on Way forward for GTE Professional Class for WEC, Le Mans


Photo credit: Richard Price for Corvette Racing

General Motors hopes to make an announcement next month on the future of its sports cars – Corvette and Cadillac – through to the ACO and its World Endurance Championship program.

That’s the latest word from Laura Klauser, the company’s sports car racing program director.

“We have not confirmed anything,” she told Sportscar 365. “We have made every effort to find out all of this and to be able to fully engage and go the way. These are multi-year commitments across all platforms, so let’s line up, prepare for it, and once we’re ready to say, “Yes, we’re good to go,” then the announcements will come out. ”

Expecting separate announcements for Corvette and Cadillac, Klauser says, “I keep my fingers crossed that there should be something sometime in September, probably only one (brand announcement) at this point.”


She says GM is “still waiting to understand” what is going on in Europe with the ACO, “and I don’t know if that will be part of the ACO announcement (on Friday).”

According to Sportscar 365, GM is neither fully committed to a GT3 future with Corvette nor to the expected involvement of Cadillac LMDh, but is instead waiting for clarity from the ACO about its future GT structure in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship and in Le Mans.

While GTE-Pro is confirmed for 2022, Sportscar 365 only predicts a single GTE class for participants in the Am class in the 2023 WEC season before switching to GT3 vehicles in 2024.

Klauser told Sportscar 365 that it is “pretty important” to have some kind of GT professional class at Le Mans so that Corvette Racing can continue to compete in the French endurance classic.

“It’s part of how we’ve represented the brand and how we bring our team in and know we have the best of the best for the car,” she said. “Is it a deal breaker if we can’t? I do not know. We are not ready to say that. But it’s something we’d love to see, to see the opportunity to make this the way we are. If we have to change vehicle platforms, so be it. ”

GM’s only formal commitment in its works sports car portfolio so far was for Le Mans 2022 with the GTE-spec Corvette C8.Rs.

“We know what next year (in the WEC / Le Mans) looks like,” said Klauser. “(The ACO) was pretty clear about this. These are all things that add to this, and if you don’t know, it’s difficult to commit because you want to make sure you’re in balance and achieving all of your goals. ”


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