2021 Zero FXE | First Look Overview


Zero release the FXE, an affordable, fun city commuter with a claimed 100 mile range.

Zero Motorcycles has been around for well over a decade now, and it’s no surprise the evolving EV space has seen a lot of innovations during this time. Although the central topic of range vs. weight still gives gasoline fans cause to pause, one can also say that e-motos have become a lot more practical and are fun. But perhaps the other enduring problem holding back potential buyers is their cost. One example of this is Zeros fully disguised and super-fast SR / S or nude SR / F giving you $ 20,000 back.

Enter the FXE. As a novelty for 2021, Zero has taken over the existing frame from the FX and added a newly designed body. The very modern Supermoto styling is very similar to the FXS – large, slim and equipped with a raised front fender. However, the FXE is capable of 100 miles of range on a full charge and costs $ 11,795, which can be bought down to around $ 10,000 depending on the EV discounts and credits available.

Zero FXE2021 zero FXE

The 7.2 kWh battery in the FXE powers a passively air-cooled, brushless permanent magnet motor that produces a claimed peak output of 46 horsepower and 78 pound-feet of torque, and with a top speed of 85 mph, the FXE can take off on the highway. In contrast to the more expensive models, the FXE is not compatible with public charging stations and is designed to be charged from a normal 110-volt household socket. It takes over nine hours to fully charge the battery, but it can be shortened to just under two hours with the optional accessory charger. The FXE uses Zero’s Cypher II operating system and the new connectivity-enabled 5-inch TFT display is compatible with the Zero app and provides access to driving modes, Eco and Sport as well as battery status.


A Showa 41 mm inverted fork and a monoshock provide the suspension and are adjustable in preload, compression and rebound damping. Bosch brake calipers are equipped with single-disc brakes at the front and rear, ABS is standard. Zero claims a wet weight of 298 pounds, which promises exhilarating performance from the 46 horses available and a manageable machine for dealing with tight urban spaces. Surprisingly, however, the accessibility advantages of the lightweight are somewhat negated by the high seat height, which at 32.8 inches will put off some smaller drivers.

2021 zero FXESupermoto styling, practical range and a relatively affordable price should appeal to a wider range of customers.

Compared to many of its heavier, more expensive competitors, the FXE is a light and exhilarating runabout, and what it gives in range it makes up for in accessibility and fun potential. The FXE is a believable commuter bike that is good for the highway but great for getting around town.

Zero FXE specs

Base price: $ 11,795 (excluding EV discounts and credits)
Website: https: zeromotorcycles.com
Battery: 7.2 kWh
Motor type: Air-cooled, brushless permanent magnet motor
Gearbox: clutchless direct drive
Final drive: 90T / 18T belt
Wheelbase: 56 inches.
Rake / Trail: 24.4 degrees / 2.8 inches.
Seat height: 32.9 inches.
Wet weight: 298 lbs.
Charging time: 9.2 hours (95 percent via 110-volt domestic socket)
Fuel consumption: 373 eMPG (claimed)
Maximum range: 100 miles (claimed)



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