2022 Honda Monkey Will get 5 Speeds


2022 Honda Monkey ABS in banana yellow

Like the updated Honda Grom 2022, the retro-styled Honda Monkey is getting a 5-speed gearbox for the new model year. Both powered by a redesigned 125cc air-cooled single and two of the most popular models in Honda’s miniMOTO range, which also includes the Super Cub C125 and Trail 125.

The base price for the Honda Monkey 2022 is $ 4,199 and ABS is standard.

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“While the Monkey has been a hit in the US since its re-launch for the 2019 model year, customers have expressed a desire for more comfortable cruising and better acceleration,” said Brandon Wilson, Sports & Experiential Manager, American Honda. “Now we’re excited to offer that capability by equipping the Monkey with the same 5-speed motor that received rave reviews in the brand new 2022 Grom. It is another example that Honda not only produces the most diverse range of miniMOTO models, but also the most powerful. “

At the same time, Honda confirmed that the CB300R, Shadow Aero and Shadow Phantom are returning for the 2022 model year.

2022 Honda Monkey ABS

2022 Honda Monkey ABS2022 Honda Monkey ABS in pearl black

A hit with both the new generation of enthusiasts and nostalgic drivers looking for a trip back in time (its tradition dates back to 1961 when the original version was used in a Japanese Honda amusement park called Tama Tech). Charm in a pint size package. The updates for 2022 include a 5-speed transmission (previously 4), a wider gear ratio spread and a 37-tooth final drive pinion (previously 34). The changes ensure a lively acceleration from low speeds as well as an increased top speed. The air-cooled 125cc single with 2 valves and an overhead camshaft has a rather lower angular design with a narrower bore and longer stroke.

2022 Honda CB300R ABS

2022 Honda CB300R ABS2022 Honda CB300R ABS

With Honda’s signature Neo-Sports Café styling in its lightest representation, the CB300R ABS is the ultimate entry-level sports-naked machine. Thanks to its good performance, the standard two-channel ABS (with IMU) and the feather-light, central unsprung mass, it offers exemplary sporty driving performance – including responsiveness, precise handling and excellent braking. The optimal chassis feel and balance are complemented by premium features found on its larger capacity siblings, but what really catches the eye is the minimalist design, enhanced by exposed hardware and a dramatic cutaway tail expresses the attitude.


2022 Honda Shadow Aero

2022 Honda Shadow Aero2022 Honda Shadow Aero

Even more timeless than a leather jacket, Honda’s Retro Shadow Aero is highlighted by classic cruiser touchstones such as a large front fender, chrome-plated headlights, a low seat, spoked wheels and, of course, a V-twin engine with a double exhaust swung backwards. At the same time, it benefits from useful elements such as programmed fuel injection, available ABS, a final drive, an affordable price and the legendary Honda reliability. The combination honors tradition and style, while at the same time the focus is on performance and ease of use.

2022 Honda Shadow Phantom

2022 Honda Shadow Phantom2022 Honda Shadow Phantom

When it comes to cruisers, simpler is sometimes better – take Honda’s classic Shadow Phantom, a minimalist, bobber-inspired V-twin whose clean looks are enhanced by a darkened engine, short fenders, and black spoked wheels. At the same time, practical considerations are always welcome, and the Shadow Phantom has them aplenty with programmed fuel injection, a comfortable seating position, a low center of gravity, and Honda reliability top the list. No wonder it’s such a popular staple in Honda’s range of products.


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