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If there’s one good thing to come out of lockdown, it’s my renewed energy to attend car shows. Perhaps I didn’t appreciate it until it was gone, but a lack of events over the last year or two has really hit home to me just how much I love looking at other people’s projects and talking to owners about what makes them tick.

With that in mind, I scrambled to find some ear plugs and headed to the latest RollHard event.

Ear plugs are a desirable commodity in an AE86 with questionable rear differential backlash. But sadly, none were to be found in the house. Instead I picked up my good friend Matt Dear and attempted to talk in between outbursts from the rear axle banshee.

Matt has felt the same about shows recently. It’s a funny one, I didn’t realise it at the time but perhaps we had gotten a little complacent. Maybe we thought there would always be an abundance of car shows to go to. Sure, we’ve been able to check in on friends’ projects, meet for coffee and go for drives, but opportunities to really dig around in cars we have never seen before have been pretty scarce.


I’d not been to a RollHard event since 2018, so I was pretty sure there would be some fresh meat to get stuck into. The guys at RollHard had managed to secure Bicester Heritage again as a venue for 2021, which is an excellent backdrop to showcase modified cars.

There was all kinds of metal on display, from very new stance cars to older, more motorsport creations. The juxtaposition of the stance cars against the historic race cars that were dotted around the Bicester Heritage site was brilliant. It almost had a ‘movie set backlot’ feel about it.


We got pretty much every type of weather in the four or five hours spent at the event, which adds a challenge. It did however mean that each section of the show had a totally unique feel to it. Sometimes you’d catch reflections from the floor and sometimes the sunshine would illuminate the bright colours of the cars.

I’ll refrain from describing every car in this story and the gallery below, but if you’d like any more details about the cars in the pictures or would like to know who the owners are, drop a request in the comments and I will get back to you with everything I know. Let’s make this an interactive post.



My own Toyota Corolla was parked up on the far side of the show in the ‘Technical Area’. This part of Bicester Heritage is where the resident businesses are located, and peering in though the windows of the units revealed all sorts of interesting period race cars. There was even a Singer or two. I’ll have to make it back to a Sunday Scramble where these businesses open their doors to the public and I can take a closer look.

One of the coolest structures on site was the water tower below, which looked great behind the R32 Skyline GT-R.


For me, this is what car culture is all about. Good cars, great people and a fantastic venue. Soaking up the atmosphere on a Sunday and getting a little inspiration, car life is the best life. I hope you enjoy the gallery below as much as I enjoyed wandering around the event.

Ryan Stewart
Instagram: 7.nth

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