Corvette Supply Dispatch with Nationwide Corvette Vendor Mike Furman for Might 16th


Criswell Chevrolet’s Mike Furman supplies new Corvettes to customers across the country to work with the best individual Corvette salesman in the country.

It was another busy week for the Chevrolet sales profession supplying new Corvettes to its customers. Mike receives gifts from a long distance customer and receives a greeting from Mr. October for his upcoming delivery of the 5000th Corvette. As always, another great collection of throwback and vintage photos is waiting for you too. When you finally get to the bottom of the page, let Mike know which is your favorite.

Visit Mike’s Facebook page for more photos and videos of his new Corvette deliveries: CorvetteFurman.

~ Customers come from all over the world to find the right Corvette and experience. Case in point: Alex T. from Kailua Kona, Hawaii, sent me a nice care package. Alex is happy about his Corvette order! Sometime in September, Alex will fly the 4,780 miles from his home in Hawaii to Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD and pick up his new 2021 Corvette … and then drive it cross-country before shipping it from California to Hawaii. There’s no better way to see the USA than in a new Chevrolet! Thanks Alex for the gift box!

~ The story behind the pictures… In 1985 there was a salesman at Malcolm Konner Auto who talked about junk that I couldn’t beat in wrestling. Well all the other staff poked him on and as game day approached I said I would nail him down in less than 30 seconds … and then on the night of the game I said I would nail him in less than 8 Nail down seconds … the game lasted 3 seconds when I turned him over and he broke his rib. All of the Konner employees (even Gary Konner) showed up at the local gym and everyone had a good laugh. The General Sales Mgr took the photos, but the match was so quick that he only had one in action. I gave Steve Power’s props to show up in the first place. The following spring we had a tennis match and nobody but their ego was hurt. I would like to thank Gary Konner all along for my years of work for his family at Malcolm Konner Auto. I’m still smiling about this evening. ~ This week Reggie Jackson from Baseball HOF greeted me on a video I posted on my Corvette.furman Instagram and Corvette Furman Facebook page. ~ So the Corvette becomes a pace car !! The 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray hardtop convertible with mid-engine will be used as the official pace car for the 105th time. For the 18th time, the Chevrolet Corvette was selected as the official pace car for the 105th round of the Indianapolis 500. C8 deliveries throughout the United States.

~ Garrett R., of Oxon Hill, Maryland, is one of 20 of my customers who will be receiving delivery at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY in the next 30 days. Garrett’s 2021 Corvette color choice is Sebring Orange Tintcoat with Sky Cool Gray interior and this is a Stingray that pops! Equipment list: 2LT package, front lift, CF painted wheels, Z51 package and orange seat belts! Breathtaking inside and out!

Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman

~ Craig K. of Cumberland, Maryland, used some of my instructions to order a dynamite color combination. Zeus Bronze Metallic with a naturally submerged interior was his color choice for his 2021 Corvette Cabrio. Craig couldn’t have been excited about his new Corvette and was quick to say that he might no longer drive his other Corvette. Equipment list: 3LT package, CF wheels, Magnet-Select-Ride, red brake calipers, power exhaust and much more. Give Craig a big Corvette wave, he’ll be the one with the perma grin. ~ Doug G. of the Lake Zurich, Illinois factory ordered that his Shadow Gray 2021 CorvetteZ51 Coupe be delivered for free delivery to his Chevrolet dealer in Lake Bluff, Illinois. In his own words, “Mike, this car is sick! Having owned a number of cars from Germany, this vehicle surpasses each of them in street presence and sheer value. What a machine! Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing you at Spring Mountain. “Cheers… Doug equipment list: 2LT package, Z51, sterling silver wheels, see mirrors / spoilers, two-tone red / black interior, chrome badges, magnetic handling and much more.
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman

~ Rick and Kathy J. of Chattanooga, Tennessee and I have been talking about Corvettes for a few years, so he smiled ear to ear for the past week when they picked up their new Sebring Orange 2021 Convt at the National Corvette Museum. His home in TN is a neighboring state to the Museum in Bowling Green, KY, so it was an easy trip for him. Equipment list: 3LT package, black / sky-cooled 2-tone interior, CF dual racing stripes, CF gondolas and roof in body color, front lift, magnetic chassis, power exhaust, CF wheels and orange seat belts. Congratulation!!
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman

~ Mike R. of the Stuart, Florida factory ordered this Shadow Gray 2021 Corvette Z51 Convt for pickup in Criswell so he could drive it the 970 miles to his Florida home. We sent Ex the paperwork to Texas where he was doing business this week, and it’s a good thing I had the Corvette set up two days earlier than it showed up a day early for his delivery app on my day off. “Chance favors the prepared mind!” Jason, the GSM, took care of the delivery and Mike was on the road in no time. Equipment list: 3LT package, two-tone red / black interior, front lift, magnetic chassis, red-edged brake calipers, wheels, Z51 package and red stitching.
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman
Corvette deliveries with Mike Furman

~ Andrew M. from Greencastle, PA last ordered a 2015 Laguna Blue Z06 from me and yesterday exchanged it for his factory-ordered Black 2021 Corvette Z51 Coupé, his 3rd Corvette that he owns. Smile from ear to ear as he pulled back and I am not blaming him !! Criswell Service installed the high wing spoiler and CF package for visible ground effects. Equipment list: 3LT package, Visible CF roof lining, front lift, Mag Ride, yellow brake calipers, yellow seams, yellow seat belts, package with engine appearance and much more. ~ Robb H. of Laurel, Maryland ordered his 2021 Zeus Bronze with Corvette Coupe with a natural interior and yesterday was the big day of delivery. Equipment list: 2LT pack, front lift, yellow brake calipers and protective battery pack. Incredibly happy with his C8 selection! ~ Chris S. of Columbia, Maryland ordered this Shadow Gray Metallic 2021 Corvette Coupe as his daily driver and his very first Corvette. His son and father joined him for the experience … and his father’s assignment should be in 3 months. Then they both plan a trip to the Spring Mountain Racetrack for the two-day Corvette owner driving school. Equipment list: 2LT package, GT2 shovels, front lift, magnetic landing gear, power exhaust and CF wheels. Perma-grin guaranteed. Chris took it home when it came off the truck … minus the cover that was hauling the car. Find the Frank Class Corvette Barn and throw it back. Publish your favorites. Drive safely.

Mike Furman
Criswell Chevrolet
Gaithersburg, MD
301-212-4420 desk direct
Fridays and Sundays free
“I sell and ship nationwide and have been for over 43 years!
[email protected]

Click the link below for the recently published article in Cigar Aficionado magazine:
Cigar Lover: The Legend of Mr. Corvette

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Mike can ship new Corvettes to Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD or through the National Corvette Museum’s R8C delivery program. They can also deliver new Corvettes directly to your door via covered transport or free delivery to your nearest Chevrolet dealer.

Corvette shipped with national Corvette dealer Mike Furman for May 9th
Corvette shipped with national Corvette dealer Mike Furman for May 2nd
Corvette shipped with national Corvette dealer Mike Furman for April 25th


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