2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic First Check Overview: Subcompact Sleeper


Mercedes-Benz A-Class Complete overview

It makes the right sounds when you want it to, it can move like some of the best sports sedans on the market, and its chassis delivers on the test track. It was better because it has an AMG badge on it. The 2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic isn’t a traditional model from the Fast-Fast division of Mercedes-Benz, but the AMG team did their best to bring its reinforced aesthetics to the entry-level A-Class sedan.

This is not exactly a foreign field for AMG, as it has already achieved its technical mastery in versions of the associated CLA and GLA class. However, this is the first AMG-tuned version of the latest-generation A-Class, the automaker’s front-wheel-drive four-cylinder compact sedan, which was first launched on the US market in 2018.

The AMG A35 swaps the 188 hp 2.0-liter turbo I-4 in the basic A-Class for an AMG-improved variant of the engine with 302 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, which is also used in the AMG Versions can be found from GLA and CLA35. Power is transmitted via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and is delivered to the pavement via all-wheel drive. AMG engineers optimized the Benz DCT and the 4Matic system to get the most out of a car that weighs 3,480 pounds and has 61 percent of its weight over the front wheels.

How fast is the A35?

While its performance on the test track wasn’t breathtaking, the 2021 AMG A35 4Matic made the 0-60 mph in a whopping 4.4 seconds, 0.2 ticks less than the official time specified by the automaker. In some cases, that’s 0.4 seconds faster than a 2020 BMW M235i xDrive Gran Coupe (which has nearly identical 301 horsepower and weighs about 50 pounds more than the A35). Pushing the quarter mile took 13.1 seconds at 105.1 mph, which left the M235i 0.3 seconds behind.

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To get these numbers, the test team used the A35’s Race Start function (start control). Race Start keeps the engine at around 3,500 RPM before you drop the hammer and delivers gear changes that are “snappy and aggressive”. Oh, and there is a “rowdy engine note” that we also experienced during our road trips. This four-banger can really get into high gear, and if you want the world to know you’ve got something special under the hood of the A35, you can make it pop and crackle harder than the Rice Krispies elves on a milk bender.

Brakes could be better

However, stopping the AMG A35 4Matic wasn’t quite as impressive as starting it. Our 60-0 mph brake test gave an overall average of 112 feet, not quite what we expected from 13.8-inch ventilated windshields that came with four-piston fixed (13.0-inch) calipers (and a single rear caliper) were jammed. “Wood” was a word the test team used to describe the pedal feel. Here the M235i demands a certain amount of revenge, with a braking distance of 30 meters, which is slightly longer than the A35.

“I’m not a fan of the short-stroke brake pedal,” said Chris Walton, road test editor, of the A35’s binders. “It’s hard not to get into the ABS when braking aggressively.” In the city and on highways this is not such a big problem. In low speed situations, you will likely stop for a bit at times, but it’s more of a feeling that a normal driver would undoubtedly get used to.

Improvement in handling

As you’d expect, AMG also tweaked the 2021 A35 to work well, and the MacPherson strut / double A-arm front design and multilink rear setup like the optional ($ 990) adaptive adjustable AMG Improved ride control damper. There’s also the AMG-massaged 4Matic mentioned above. In our eighth figure, the A35 set a time of 24.7 seconds to an average of 0.77 g and averaged 0.96 g on the skidpad, both of which slightly outperformed the M235i (25.8 seconds at 0.71 g and 0.91 g).

Walton had this to say about the A35 during his time whipping him through our dynamic tests: “In Sport Plus mode, I like the mean weight of the steering and its precision. The skidpad has a very slight understeer and it starts to move too far. ” , but at the exit you can use four-wheel drive and put the throttle on the floor. It feels like an FWD car with AWD added afterwards. “

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On the motorways and back roads, we found the A35 amply capable. The curve was good on narrow exit ramps, and the AMG dynamic braking system intervened in the inner rear wheel to make turning easier if necessary. As with other AMG 35 vehicles (the CLA35 and GLA35 are similar in overall design), you can use the Dynamic Select driving modes to customize various functions according to your needs. We used sport mode by default to avoid activating the automatic stop / start system that is always activated in comfort mode. Over belted roads, we found the A35 to be a bit rough, but in general it straddles the line between taut and resilient, which doesn’t penalize you during day-to-day driving.

As you roll through town, don’t expect any glances unless you downshift and get those exhaust pops and crackles, as the low-key looks of the Mercedes-AMG A35 2021 calls its performance into question. The only real statements that this is a serious sports sedan are the trunk lid badges and sleek black-accented AMG 19-inch rims studded with Pirelli P Zeros. We think that’s good.

Sleepy outside, slippery inside

The wow factor is saved for the interior, at least for this particular car. The cabin is upholstered in Nova Gray and Black MB-Tex and looks like dynamite, highlighted by accents in piano black and aluminum as well as adjustable lighting elements. With 20.5-inch screens on the dashboard, the A35 is in the digital instrumentation and infotainment version of the next generation. Benz’s MBUX touchscreen system offers countless controls, configurable clusters and other vehicle functions. The Mercedes trackpad system has redundant controls on the center console, and there is enough space between the front seats for a small sedan. Due to its size, it is not too narrow for rear passengers either and offers more headroom than its sibling in the CLA-Class.

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The 2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic, which checks in for launch at $ 46,900, isn’t exactly a bargain, but the price is pretty competitive as it’s roughly the same as the M235i. This particular test car had a few key options that we’d add, including the multimedia package ($ 1,295 for navigation and additional MBUX features) and those cute rims ($ 500). In total, the total was $ 52,990. So if you want that AMG caché, but can’t make it big for one of its mega blanks, the compact and (relatively speaking) inexpensive A35 may be just the AMG for you.

Looks good! More details?

SPECIFICATIONS 2021 Mercedes-AMG A35 4Matic
BASIC PRICE $ 46,900
VEHICLE LAYOUT Front engine, all-wheel drive, 4-door sedan with 5 passages
ENGINE 2.0 L / 302 PS / 295 lb-ft Turbo DOHC 16-valve I-4
TRANSMISSION 7-speed dual clutch car
CURB WEIGHT (F / R DIST) 61/39% (3,480 lb)
WHEELBASE 107.4 in
Length x width x height 179.4 x 70.7 x 56.9 in
0-60 MPH 4.4 sec
QUARTER MILE 13.1 sec at 105.1 mph
BRAKES, 60-0 MPH 112 ft
MT FIGURE EIGHT 24.7 s at 0.77 g (average)
EPA CITY / HWY / COMB FUEL ECON 22/29/25 mpg
ENERGIEKONS, CITY / HWY 153/116 kWh / 100 miles
CO2 EMISSIONS, COMB 0.79 lb / mile

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